After a while of walking, Ramona slows to a stop and looks around. She whistles a few times, trying to draw the cabbiles out. Finally, you see a small head pop out of the bottom of some nearby undergrowth. It is marked like a Siamese cat. The creature that steps out looks much like a cat except for its ears and nose, which are rabbit-like, and its plumed tail, which looks all the world to you like a giant squirrel tail.

"They are also mixed with squirrels... I forgot that," Ramona says. This one is a beautiful blue-grey with darker points and a set of fairy wings folded along its back.

"Is that normal?" you ask, pointing to the wings. The cabbile tilts its head up to nuzzle your finger.

"No, Jacinta has a mutation. So does her mate, Jared."

As if on cue, a white, blue, and grey male steps from the bushes. His wings are a lighter, pale blue color. Around his neck is a silver chain with a Star of David on it. He stays a short distance away, not willing to get any closer. Soon, however, and entire horde of cabbile emerges from the area, gathering around you and Ramona. They rub against your legs, some of them clawing a bit. Others just sniff at your shoes or look at you expectantly.

"Don't be fooled, they get plenty to eat," Ramona says. "They just happen to be natural-born beggars."

"How many are there?" you ask, trying to count the moving group.

"Twelve, I believe," Ramona says. "Let's see, the first female is Jacinta, then her mate Jared... this one over here that looks like Jared without wings is Jasper. The Siamese over there who looks like Jacinta is Zilli. The female there with the light tiger stripes and the three sets of wings is Aglaia." She then turns towards the gathering of pitch black cabbiles on your right. All of them have golden eyes, and a few of them have horns.

"The older female without the horn there is Nyx, and her mate with the horn is Ciaran. The younger horned male is Krishna, and the younger female is Sauda."

"And that one?" you ask, motioning to a black cabbile with blood red eyes. He hisses at you menacingly and stalks away.

"Achar," Ramona says. "Stay clear of him. There's Narke." She points to a lilac colored cabbile lounging next to Jared languidly. She stops and seems to be counting. "One's missing... oh, Shamus." She looks around, then points into the bushes. "There."

"Following her outstretched arm, you see a pair of brilliant green eyes peering out of the leaves. You also see a pattern of deep chestnut and white. The cabbile remains hidden, aloof from the rest of the group.

"That's all of them," Ramona says. "We started with only two, but these guys breed like rabbits."

The cabbiles are getting bored and wandering off. Some of the more reclusive ones have already disappeared back into the dense understory of the forest.

"Let's head out of the Southern Forest," Ramona says. "We could spend all day here looking for more creatures, but I'm sure you would like to see other parts of the Refuge as well."

"Definitely," you say. "Where are we going next?"

"Why don't we head toward the Northern Forest? We can circle around and then hit the Valley of Night and rest for a bit."

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