Having met all the Fairy Dragonflies, you walk until you see a black-leafed growth in front of you. Then, you follow it. Finally, you see a spot of red ahead, which resolves to the form of Ramona. She is leaning against Chickory's tree perch, relaxing. She waves to you, and you return the gesture.

"Did you meet many of the dragonflies?" she asks you when you are within speaking range.

"Yes, I met all of them," you say, pleased with your visit.

"Even Elflux?" Chickory questions, his head snapping up.

"Yes, even Elflux," you say. Your tone changes a bit, however, and Ramona laughs lightly.

"Up to his old tricks, I see," she says. "That's why I decided to stay out here this time."

"I could have used a warning," you say.

"It's better not to be forewarned in this case. He just would have played with you more." Chickory tells you, shaking his head.

"Well, we better get going. There's still plenty of the Refuge to see." Ramona says, stretching and getting ready to start walking again.

You both wish Chickory a good day, then Ramona leads you back to the path. She turns to you. "I suppose we should stop by the ash trees and see if I can lure Sapphi'anila down."

You move along for a while. The day is getting warmer, and you get the feeling you are being shielded from the worst of the heat by the forest. Ramona steps a few feet off the path, to a group of tall ash trees. Then, she begins whistling. The tune is lilting, like an old Celtic ballad. When she finishes, she continues staring up into the branches. "There she is," she says quietly. Looking up, you see a very small purple shape in the branches. It is sitting very still and watching you both carefully.

"She's a bit timid," Ramona tells you, still murmuring. "I don't think she'll come any closer." She is right, and after a few more moments, the tiny, bird-like creature flutters back up into the dense foliage and hides from view.

"Let's move on," Ramona says.

"What next?" you ask.

"Well... we haven't seen the cabbiles yet. There's a fairly large group of them, and they usually stick to the same territory. They shouldn't be too hard to find. Let's head that way."

"Sure," you say and follow her back to the worn path. "What are cabbiles?" you ask as you move among the trees.

"They are... like a mixture between a cat and a rabbit," she says. "Very feline in appearance, but with long ears and split lips, like a hare. They are often kept as pets and bred for their coloration. The ones here are bred for coloration, but they are given free reign of the forest instead of being kept indoors."

"I can't wait to meet them."

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