You walk through the grove, wondering if you've met all the Fairy Dragonflies.  You go over all the names in your head... Shaper, Sun Giver, Impatiens, Voyager, Wind Whisper, Dragonheart, Caoimhe, Elflux, Xavier, Eliane, Cariadus, Arianrhod, Dusk Song... That is thirteen... plus Rose and Firesoul makes fifteen. You were told there were sixteen. Just as you are pondering this, you spot a brightly colored dragonfly flitting above.

"Hello there!" you call out, and the dragonfly circles down and lands on a nearby branch.

"Hello," he says.  You see that his skin, claws, and wings all reflect a rainbow sheen, and the gemsets in his multicolored wings are blue opal in appearance.

"Hi," you say.  "You are an Opal dragonfly, correct?"  He smiles.

"Correct," he says.  "I am Seafoam Opal Morpheus."

"Wow, there certainly are a lot of rare colors here," you observe.

"Yes," Morpheus agrees, "it's because we were all well taken care of and watched over.  Our glittering is quite large now.  There are only two chrysalises unhatched."

You assume that 'glittering' must refer to the group of Fairy Dragonflies. "Well, congratulations.  You all seem to have made a wonderful home here."

"Thank you, traveler," Morpheus says.  "Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be going."

"Of course," you say. "Windspeed." You watch as Morpheus lifts off in a flurry of color and sails up into the canopy.

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