Leaving Cariadus and Arianrhod, you nearly get run over by a brilliant violet female hurrying through the glade.

"Sorry!" she chirps, pausing to hover near you.  You see her wings have the cabochon mutation also.  You also seem to remember Dragonheart saying something about his mate being violet.  You wonder if this is her.

"It's okay," you say to her.  "Are you by any chance Dragonheart's mate?"

"Why yes," she says, looking surprised.  "I am Fuschia Amethyst Dusk Song."

"I met Dragonheart earlier," you explain, "and he was sad that you were out while I visited."

"Oh, I am sorry," she says, "but I was running some errands and checking the grove."  Her voice is quite melodious and soothing.

"That's all right, I get to meet you now," you say, smiling.  Dusk Song returns the smile.

"Well, sorry to rush off, but I still have some things to do before night fall," Dusk Song says apologetically.

"Perfectly all right," you say.  "It was nice to meet you.  Windspeed."

"You too!"  Dusk Song calls and flutters off.  It is still only late morning, so she must have many things to do if she is worried about time already. You continue through the grove.

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