As you walk away from Xavier and Eliane, you soon spot another pair of Fairy Dragonflies.  They are both perched on a flower bush; they are quite stunning.

The male is brilliant shades of reflective orange, while the female has rainbow glowing skin and brilliant purple wings.  Her wings seem to have smooth settings instead of the normal crystalline ones, much like Xavier's.  They look up as you come over.

"Hello," you say, and you introduce yourself.

"Greetings, traveler," the female says.  "I am Moonlight Charoite Arianrhod, and this is Sunbeam Nealite Cariadus," she finishes, nodding to her male companion.

"Pleased to meet you both," you say.

"Hmm... you are wondering why my wings look different, are you not?"  Arianrhod asks you.

"Well, yes," you admit.

"I am an Opal Jewel-winged Fairy Dragonfly, a rare coloration which makes my wing settings different," she informs you.

"Is Xavier an Opal dragonfly too?"  you ask.

"No, Xavier has a rare mutation that causes his jewel settings to manifest as smooth cabochons," she says, fluffing her wings.  You get the feeling that she might be offended that you didn't recognize the difference in her coloration.

"Do not worry, traveler, I do not expect humans to be able to pick up the subtle differences,"  Arianrhod says.  You get the feeling Arianrhod might have more powers than the normal Fairy Dragonfly.

"Well, thank you," you say.  "It was nice meeting the both of you."

The two dragonflies nod to you.  "Windspeed," Cariadus says.

You continue on your way, leaving the pair to themselves.

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