You rub your head as you quickly walk away from Elflux and his nasty tricks.  Luckily, the next Fairy Dragonflies you meet are more friendly and respectful.  A violet male flies down to greet you as soon as you approach their home.

"Hello," he says, settling himself on a nearby branch.  "I am Storm Smithsonite Xavier."

You introduce yourself and he nods.  You notice that his wings have smooth, glowing settings instead of the normal crystal settings.

"Splendid to meet you," Xavier says.  He looks up as a second dragonfly joins you.  "Ahh, and here is my lovely mate, Copper Laueite Eliane."

Eliane lands next to Xavier and then ducks and spreads her wings in what you guess is the fairy dragonfly equivalent of a curtsey.

"Hi," you say, rubbing the tender spot on your head.  Eliane cocks her head and examines you.

"Elflux up to his old tricks, I assume?"  she asks.

"Erm, yes," you say, flushing a bit.  You're still embarrassed about being tricked by him.  Xavier sighs.

"That rascal, always battering our visitors."  He says in a scolding tone.

"And of course, Shaper and our fearless leaders won't do a thing about it," Eliane says, shaking her head.

"Well, Shaper would be happy if Elflux drove off all the visitors," Xavier observes.

"Perhaps you're being a bit harsh, dear," Eliane says.

"Oh, I think not..."  Xavier continues.

"Well, bye!"  you say, and continue on.  Xavier and Eliane don't take notice, enjoying their own conversation.

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