You leave the other Fairy Dragonflies and walk through the grove, looking for the one named Elflux.  Suddenly, you find a large boulder in front of you.  Startled, you look around.

I didn't see that a second ago, you think to yourself, and move to walk around it.  With a pop and a flash of light, the boulder appears in front of you again.  You look suspiciously at the boulder.  Perhaps someone doesn't want you going this way.  Defeated, you turn back the way you came.  However, you've only gone a few steps before a pop-flash announces the arrival of the large chunk of mountain in front of you again.  Your brow furrows, and you feel very much like a mouse in a cat-and-mouse game.  Turning quickly, you dart to the left.  With a pop and a smack, you careen directly into the boulder, which has now moved into your path.  Stunned, you fall back onto the underbrush and lay there, rubbing your face.  Then you hear it-- a high-pitched laughing.

From where you are lying, you suddenly see a fuzzy shape hovering over you.  You squint, trying to get your sight to clear, and finally, a brilliantly-colored Fairy Dragonfly comes into focus.

The dragonfly chuckles to himself as he peers down at you.  "Now that was unexpected," he says.  "I believe you were looking for me?" You realize that this must be Elflux... no wonder the visitors often don't like him!

"Why did you do that?"  you demand, sitting up slowly.  Your head is still ringing from hitting that stone.

"It was a joke," he says.  "I am Elflux, master of laughter."

"Well, I didn't think it was very funny," you mutter, standing and brushing yourself off.  Elflux gives you a supercilious look.

"I did not think you would," he says.  "It was for my amusement."  He leans in to stare at your face and his look softens a bit.  "Hmm, however, I did not predict that you would run right into the boulder.  I suppose human reaction time is slower than most Fairy Dragonflies.  I apologize for the nasty bump you are going to have."

"Thanks," you say, grudgingly.  You aren't too pleased about being knocked on your back by a mischievous dragonfly.  Now that your vision has cleared up and you've gotten a better look, you realize that Elflux is very oddly colored indeed.  His skin glimmers with a rainbow sheen, his wings are all the colors of the rainbow, and his claws and horns are brilliant blue.  "Just out of curiosity, why are you so brightly colored?" you ask.

"Fairy dragonflies come in all colors," Elflux says.  "However, my coloring is very unique.  Good environments and healthy grubs, along with extended chrysalis stages, often produce new and beautiful colorations.  That is why so many of us are very nicely colored.  We all grew up in a healthy environment."

"Oh," you say, "so dragonflies elsewhere may not be as brightly colored?"

"No," he says, "they will not be unless they too have a safe and healthy environment to grow in."  Suddenly, he starts chuckling again.  "I'm sorry," he says through his laughter, "but you should have seen your face after you hit that rock..."  You frown at him, reminded of your misfortune.

"Well, if you don't have any more boulders to throw at me, I'll be on my way now," you tell him.  Elflux nods and flits away, still chortling to himself.

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