As you continue on, something suddenly whips by your ear at amazing speed.  You jump back and turn to look, but you catch only a flash of movement.  Then, with a light whirring sound, the flash comes back and stops directly in front of you, hovering.  It is another Fairy Dragonfly.

This one is shades of sun and sand, with brilliant golden gems in its wings.  She cocks her head at you and speaks.

"Hello there!  I'm Gold Beryl Wind Whisper.  I take it you've already met some of my peers.  How are you?  Do you like our forest?  Would you like to meet my friend, Dragonheart?  He's a blast!  How about a walk?"  She tilts her head the other way.  You pause to take in all that she's said; it was all spilled out very quickly, and you had some difficulty following.

"Umm, yes," you say finally.

"Great!"  she exclaims.  "Follow me."  With that, Wind Whisper whirs off, leaving you to trot behind her.  Luckily, you don't have to follow her far; you soon reach a large tree with a hollow in it.  "Hey, Dragonheart!" she yells into the tree.  A yellow head pops out of the hollow.

"Yes?" the owner of the hollow returns.  He looks down and sees Wind Whisper hovering with you beside her.  "Oh, a visitor!"  He flutters out of the tree to perch on a leafy branch.

You are quite taken aback by his appearance.  His wings glitter and sparkle on their own, as though they are coated in magic, and the light yellow gemsets in them glisten like stars in a night sky.  His eyes too are startling-- a bright baby blue in contrast to his pale daffodil skin.  He bows his head to you and Wind Whisper in turn.

"Hello, my dear Wind Whisper.  I hope you are well.  I see you have brought a traveler with you.  How lovely!  I am Starshine Citrine Dragonheart.  I'm sorry to say that my mate, Dusk Song, is out right now.  It is a pity you did not get to meet her, lovely lilac that she is."

Suddenly, a third dragonfly arrives, looping through the leaves of the tree and humming.  Seeing the congregation, she turns to land on the tree branch.  Her wings are also unusual; they show a starburst pattern on black with white gemsets.  She herself is a mottled blue, with deep blue eyes and a kind smile.

"Caoimhe, Wind Whisper and this traveler have come to call on us.  Isn't that wonderful?"  Dragonheart says the the new arrival.  She smiles.

"Yes, that is truly wonderful.  I am Ice Moissanite Caoimhe, mate of Firesoul."  She bows to you, and you answer with a nod.

"Pleased to meet you all," you say.  Looking around, you realize that you've seen quite a few fairy dragonflies.  "How many Jewel-Winged Swallowtail Fairy Dragonflies live here?" you ask curiously.  Caoimhe answers.

"There were sixteen, at last count," she tells you.

"I see," you say.  "I have met Shaper, Sun Giver, Impatiens, Voyager, and all of you so far." You are proud that you remember at least all their short names, if not their long titles.

"Ahh, then you have not met Elflux yet," Dragonheart says, and an odd frown crosses his face.  "I'm not sure you want to..."  he mutters.

"Why?  Does this dragonfly not like visitors?"

"Not exactly..."  Dragonheart says mysteriously, but Wind Whisper begins giggling.

"On the contrary," she says, "Elflux loves visitors.  However, the visitors normally don't love him!"

"Well, I promised myself I'd meet all of you, so I will have to go in search of him," you tell them.  They all shrug, willing to let you have your way.

"Be cautious," Caoimhe says to you.  With that, you bid them well and continue on your way.

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