You next encounter a rather odd pair of Fairy Dragonflies.

"Hello then, who are you?  Why have you come here?  Are you a visitor?"  The questions have barely registered before you see a blue blur flitting around your face.  Finally, the blur slows and you see that it is another dragonfly female.

She brazenly perches on your hand and flutters her wings impatiently.  When her wings are still for a few seconds, however, you notice that they are studded with jeweled panels of two different colors.  Examining her more carefully, you realize that the contrast between her sparkling, almost icy scales and her deep cerulean wings is quite astonishing when compared with the other two Fairy Dragonflies you've encountered.  She suddenly hops up and down on your hand, digging her claws into your skin.

"Well?  Well?!"  she demands.

You give her your name.  "I am a visitor, and I'm just exploring the grove," you say, wincing as she finally loosens her grip on your hand.

"Ooo, a visitor!  You hear that, Voyager?"  She turns and looks over her shoulder.

"Yes, I heard," a more mature, deeper (if a fairy dragonfly voice can be deep, by any stretch of the mind) voice says from the bushes, and a second blue dragonfly flits out to perch on a branch nearby.

This one is a male.  You realize that both males you have met so far have horns on their noses, and you guess that this is a trend.  His blue scales sparkle and make a nice compliment to his shining blue wings.  The jewels in his wings are a color close to periwinkle.  He examines you with bright, intelligent eyes before speaking.

"I am Violet Iolite Voyager," he says, bowing to you slightly.  You return with a nod, careful not to disturb the female perched on your hand.  "My companion here is Teal Tourmaline Impatiens, but in her rush, she has forgotten to tell you that."  He smiles at the female, who ruffles her wings and pretends to be offended.

"Pleased to meet you both," you say.

"Indeed," Voyager says.  Impatiens, to your relief, leaves your hand and gracefully rises to perch beside Voyager on his branch.  "I apologize for my friend's interrogation of you," Voyager says, "but we are both quite interested in the outside.  Please, is there news?"

"Of course," you say, more than happy to relay the events of your home.  You spend the next half hour talking to the dragonflies about the weather, the war, the local banter, and everything you've seen so far--or, at least you talk to Voyager.  Impatiens loses interest after five minutes and dives off to some other pastime.

"Thank you, traveler," Voyager says when you have finished.  His eyes are glowing, and he sighs in delight.  "Some day I will have stories such as those..."

You don't think your stories were extraordinary at all, and you tell Voyager this.

"I believe you will have stories far better than mine," you tell him, grinning.

"Thank you," he says, smiling gaily at you.  "Windspeed."

You nod to him and continue.

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