The next Fairy Dragonfly you run into is a little more helpful.

"Hello there," you hear a soft voice call.  You turn towards a branch at eyelevel and see a petite female perched there, watching you with lovely green eyes.

"Do not mind Shaper," she says to you.  "He is not very trusting of strangers.  He has seen some trouble at the Refuge, and he does not easily forget.  I am Jade Tsavorite Sun Giver.  Please, call me simply Sun Giver.  Most dragonflies prefer to be called by their short names.  Often humans bungle the long ones..."  She cocks her head at you, waiting to hear a response of some sort.

"Erm, yes, thank you, Sun Giver," you say a bit awkwardly.  Now that you are not being interrogated, you find time to examine these strange creatures.  The female is light and delicate, a look that is accentuated by her thin butterfly-like wings.  There are panels in the wings that look almost crystalline in nature and sparkle in the sunlight.  So this is why they are called Jewel-Winged, you think.

Sun Giver swishes her tail back and forth.  "Do you like my garden?"  she asks.

"Garden...?"  you say, a bit lost.  Then, however, you look more closely at the branches she is perched on.  They are coated with vines, colorful mosses, and beautiful epiphytic flowers.  Their scent is so overwhelming that you are surprised you didn't notice it sooner.  "Why, yes," you say, "it's more beautiful than any they have at home."

Sun Giver rustles her wings and looks pleased.  "Thank you," she purrs, batting pretty eyelashes at you.  "I do not know why Shaper insists on being so adamant about keeping you humans out.  You are not so terrible..."

"Thank you," you say, smiling.  You bid Sun Giver a good day and keep wandering the grove.

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