You enter the grove and wander around, looking for signs of life, but you see nothing.  If these Fairy Dragonflies are smaller than Chickory, you may never find them.  You decide to take a more direct approach.

"Hello?"  you call out, looking around.  For a few minutes, you hear nothing, then, an impassive looking creature zooms up to your face.  This must be a Jewel-Winged Swallowtail Fairy Dragonfly.

"What do you want here?"  he demands, glaring at you. Despite his diminutive size, there is a glint in his eyes that warns you that he is more than he seems.  "Well?"  he asks, losing patience.  You pull yourself together and reply.

"Umm, well, Chickory said that I c--"

"Chickory!"  the green male squawks, cutting you off.  "Always allowing trespassers into our grove... one of these days that Dragonmoth is going to get us all into-- to-- I'll tell you..."  he grumbles.  "Well, since you're here, you might as well have a look around," he growls, and with that, he flies off, still muttering about intruders and lax security.

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