You spot a flash of yellow in the trees.

"What's that?" you ask Ramona, pointing. She turns to stare up into the branches.

"Spiffy," she says, then she brings her fingers to her lips and lets out a sharp whistle. "Hey, Spiffy! Over here!" she yells. You see the shape come crashing through the branches and realize it is a dragon. She swoops down to land near you, crushing vegetation. She has to be one of the strangest dragons you've ever seen. She is a light yellow color, but her wings, back fins, and belly scales are a myriad of colors. She fixes you with large pink eyes.

*Hello, there!* she projects, in a friendly manner. *I'm Spiffy!*

You hear more crashing and look up to see a larger golden dragon coming down to land nearby. This dragon looks a bit more mature to you, and she moves slowly over to the group.

*And this is Sunkist,* Spiffy says, introducing the other dragon.

"Pleased to meet you," you say to them.

*How's it going, Ramona?* Sunkist asks your guide. *No problems, I hope?*

"Other than a vexing one named Termut, no," Ramona answers, still annoyed by the other telepath you encountered. Sunkist shakes her head.

*That boy needs a good swift kick, if you ask me,* the dragon says, snorting.

"My idea exactly," Ramona answers. "Anyways, I'm showing this visitor around today. Anything of interest?"

*Hmm... nothing new,* Sunkist says. *Have you been by the Dragonfly grove yet?*

"Not yet... do you think they're up for visitors?"

*It's a beautiful day, and there hasn't been a tour for a while. I don't see why not.*

"Sounds like a plan. Thank you."

*Oh, I saw Sapphi'anila today!* Spiffy interjects. *Perhaps she is still around. She was over near the ash trees.*

"Well, she may be, Spiffy, but she's probably too far up for us to see her," Ramona says.

*If you whistle the Ode to Barlan she might come down. She loves that song.* Spiffy tells you.

"I'll keep that in mind. Thank you. I'll let you two get back to work."

*Goodbye!* Spiffy says to both of you.

*Pleasant journey,* Sunkist adds.

You and Ramona move away. You feel a wind on your back and turn to see both the dragons lifting off with pumps of their large wings. It seems a bit difficult in the close forest, but they both manage to hover until they are above the canopy and out of sight. You trail Ramona, looking around for more creatures.

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