As you approach the forest, Ramona glances back and begins speaking to you.

"Now that I am your official tour guide, I suppose I should properly introduce myself. My name is Ramona. I have lived here for most of my life. I help Indyana run the place. Now, if we're going to do this, we're going to follow my rules, got it? No wandering off, no yelling and screaming, no touching things unless you ask first, no eating strange berries or food you find lying about, and most importantly, when I tell you to do something, you do it. Your life could depend on it. If you have a problem with any of this, I suggest you go home right now."

"No, no problem," you say, taken aback but hopeful. What Ramona is warning against sounds more like what you were expecting from the Refuge: a wild, unconquered frontier, with dangers and exciting discoveries lurking around each bend. Suddenly, Ramona comes to a halt. You slow down to stop beside her. It is then that you notice the sound of cracking branches... something large is moving towards the edge of the forest, where you are standing.

A narrow draconic head emerges from the dense treetops. It stares at you, then moves from the woods, revealing a very large draconic body to go with it.

"Hello, Goldhawk," Ramona says to the dragon, and you relax a bit. The dragon is bright green, with four powerful legs and a large set of wings. It opens its jaws, baring sharp, white teeth.

*Ramona,* it projects telepathically, nodding to the girl. It then turns to examine you, snorting softly. *Who is your companion?*

"This is a visitor to the Refuge," she answers. "I am in charge of showing them around. Anything I should be worried about?"

*Just the usual,* Goldhawk returns. He stares at you again. *Follow Ramona, traveler, and you will be safe enough. Remember not to disturb that which you observe, and respect all those you encounter here.*

"I will," you say.

The green dragon seems satisfied and nods again to Ramona. *Windspeed,* he projects before ambling off along the edge of the forest, obviously patrolling.

"Let's go," Ramona says and starts into the forest, finding a small beaten path through the underbrush and trees.

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