Name: Zulalani
Name Meaning: "brilliant heavens" from African and Hawaiian
ID#: 114
Species: Skydance Tigon
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Coloration: Midnight
Traits: Thick tail, mohawk-style mane, solid coat, dragon wings with claws
Residence: The Valley of Night

Zulalani is a Skydance Tigon, a winged feline species. Her species does not always live in darkness, but she has chosen to make her home in the Valley of Night because the hunting there suited her. Zulalani, like all Skydance Tigons, has a sky-themed name. Hers is based on African and Hawaiian and means "brilliant heavens" or "brilliant sky". Her ID# is 114.

Skydance Tigon from The EverRealm

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