Storm Smithsonite Xavier

Name: Storm Smithsonite Xavier
ID#: none
Species: Jewel-winged Swallowtailed Fairy Dragonfly
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Violet
Mutations: Cabochon wing gems
Mate: Eliane
Residence: The Southern Forest

Storm Smithsonite Xavier is a violet male. He is very interested in learning about people and creatures from elsewhere, and he loves hearing opinions. He has a very analytical mind, and he's quite the debater. Upon hatching from his chrysalis, he chose his new name, believing it to be more dignified than his old call "Cracker". Now, however, some of the other fairy dragonflies delight in calling him "Stormy" instead of his proper name, which annoys poor Xavier to no end. Luckily, he finds solace in his mate, Eliane. She is as refined and elegant as he himself is, and the two make quite the lovely couple.

Grub Stage

Chrysalis Stage

Fairy Dragonfly from Skyhaven Adoptions

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