Coal Walter

Name: Coal Walter
ID#: none
Species: Featherdrake
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Rank: 1
Parents: Ocean Chet X Smoke Phaedra
Clutch: #14
Type: Coal
Abilities: Can create heat and find dry wood or coal for fires
Bondmate: Termut Ghera
Mate: none
Residence: The Southern Forest

Walter is Termut's sidekick. He hangs out with the young telepath and provides company and an extra set of eyes. He has been raised by Termut from the egg, so he has acquired a bit of the man's blunt honesty and sharp wit. He occasionally interacts with the other featherdrakes, but usually ends up starting fights.

Egg Stage

Hatchling Stage

Featherdrake from Featherdrake Aeyries

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