Name: Vietienl
ID#: fai02
Species: Faunotoe Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Magic/Special Skill: To make bubble tea drinks
Likes: Bubble Tea, Honeydew, Soap Operas, Reading, and Writing
Dislikes: Thunder, Writer's Block and Those who lack imagination
Description: This fairy is obsessed with bubble tea! So what is it? It's a sweet milky tea that comes in numerous bright colours and flavours, with little tapioca balls called "pearls," and a fat straw. She likes all flavours, but Honeydew is her absolute favourite! But that doesn't summarize her entirely. This fairy is incredibly sweet and imaginative. She is also an aspiring writer. A lot of her ideas come from watching soap operas and reading many varied books. Her drinks and her writings will bring a smile to almost anyone's face!
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

Vietienl is a new resident at the Creature Refuge. She recently moved in thanks to Indyana. Although the two disagree on some things (Vietienl: "Eeek, no thunder!" Indyana: "Thunder rocks!"), they both understand the importance of creativity and writing... plus she makes a lovely raspberry bubble tea. ;) She is currently living in a small tree hut in the Greenleaf Forest and is friends with a few of the smaller creatures and fae there.

Faunotoe Fairy from Faunotoe

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