Name: Tuuli'sana
Name Meaning: "wind" in Finnish, sandy
ID#: IndyStormbringer435663
Species: Stormbringer Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Traits: No wings, wolf tail, single backward curved horn
Parents: unknown
Residence: The Desert Kai
Notes: She's classified as undead and, therefore, not breedable—she is, however, Ultimate Fusable.

Tuuli'sana is the second Stormbringer Wolf at the Creature Refuge, and the first undead. She is a wandering spirit of the Desert Kai. Occasionally, she and Havilah cross paths, but in general, the two Stormbringers avoid one another. She is rarely seen in the daytime, and is usually active around dawn and dusk.

Stormbringer Wolf from The EverRealm

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