Smoke Tristra Maye

Name: Smoke Tristra Maye
ID#: none
Species: Featherdrake
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Rank: 3
Parents: Berry Emerald Leaf X Bark Rowan
Clutch: #22
Type: Smoke
Abilities: Can create fog and navigate well
Bondmate: Pilani
Mate: Night Echos
Residence: The Southern Forest

Smoke Tristra Maye grew up in a odd situation, in an alternate world with Indyana and her friend, TK. Eventually, Tristra Maye was relocated to the Creature Refuge, so she could be with others of her own kind. She is still adjusting to life in the wild, so she tends to follow Pilani closely and remain near the cottage they share.

Featherdrake from Featherdrake Aeyries

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