Name: Suhyun
Name Meaning: "good and wise" in a mixture of Sanskirt and Korean
ID#: rf010f
Species: Felypti
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Rank: Scribe
Parents: unknown
Color: Black Cat
Eyes: Gold
Mutations: curlique, double, dragonfly
Stat Points:
Health: 5
Happiness: 5
Ability: 7
Residence: The Isier River

Suhyun was the first river felypti to inhabit the Creature Refuge. She is a Scribe, a rank of felypti accountable for recording the history of their Sett (a group of felypti). She is very contemplative and observant by nature, as her job requires, and will make an excellent Scribe for the Sett to form at the Refuge.

Felypti from River Felypti Market Stall

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