Soraceli & Citlali

Name: Soraceli of the Heavenly Easter Eggs
Call Name: Soraceli
ID#: levy #121, lev-east02-blue-m
Species: Leverine
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Group: Heavenly Easter Eggs
Parents: unknown
Speciality: Limited Edition 2002 for The Leverine's Easter Party
Notes: fully breedable, angel wings and horn, sky blue coloring, necklace with feathers, markings, a sweet little guy ^.^
Mating color: Not mated
Residence: The Northern Forest

Soraceli is a wonderful Easter leverine.  He is one of the most graceful and beautiful creatures on the Refuge.  Soraceli, unlike most of his kind, often visits the mountains to fly and play.  Currently, he searches for a mate, but he is still quite young and playful, as is shown by his growing collection of toys.  His pet, a leeloo, is named Citlali, which means "star" in Nahuatlan.  The two are inseperable.

Name: Citlali
Name Meaning: "star" in Nahuatlan
ID#: 11-18f
Species: Leeloo
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Notes: all shiny white ^.^
Residence: The Northern Forest

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