The Sisters of Flame

Name: The Sisters of Flame
ID#: p1168f
Species: Melcey
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Litter: Halloween Litter 2002
Theme: Fire
Residence: The Faidian Grove

The Sisters of Flame are a set of four melcey heads sharing one body. Each has its own personality and is called separately. The lowest head in front is Trista. She is by far the most reasonable head and she is often shunned by her sisters. The next head back is Maruska. She is cunning and bad tempered, and she tends to cause trouble for everyone. The head that shares a branch with her is Manto. Manto is sarcastic and always has a comment on everything. She acts a lot like a teenager most of the time. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), she speaks very little Faidian or English. Instead, she usually converses in a form of gibberish that only Maruska understands. The last, smallest head on the back is Adeen. She is a bit stunted in size and in mental capabilities. She has the mindset of a small child and isn't very witty or quick. She is often teased and tortured by Maruska and Manto, but luckily, she doesn't understand what's going on most of the time. Trista tries to protect her when she can. Together, the Sisters make an entity that usually is not welcome in any sort of social situation, much to the disappointment of all parties involved. Perhaps if they could learn to live together, things would be different.

Melcey from Arborwin Adoptions

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