Name: Shuvera
ID#: e005fh
Species: Equral
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Rank: Hunter
Parents: Wild X Wild
Markings: Blood Red Blaze, Ear Tip & Ear, And Tail Stripes
Jewelry: Silver & Sapphire Tail Cuff, Silver & Sapphire Earrings, Silver & Sapphire Leg Cuff
Genes: Rstbr BldR Ta
Residence: The Creature Refuge

Shuvera is an Equral, part of a nomadic pack species that roams over the Refuge. They mostly inhabit the areas around the Northern Forest and Grasslands, but occasionally wander other places. They are considered dangerous to travelers, as they don't like to interact with outsiders. Luckily, the pack is also good at avoiding travelers.

Equral from Vadairia

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