Azrael's Shriek

Name: Azrael's Shriek
ID#: sx015m
Species: Soarex
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Genetics: hh, Ff, ee, Ww, tt, LL, Cc, mm
Phenotype: padded feet, short fetlocks, red eyes, drake wings, pointed tail, triangular ears, dark red coat, Horror theme
Theme: Horror
Residence: The Lands of Osseth

Azrael's Shriek is a male, Horror-themed Soarex. He is quite frightening in appearance, but he is more a loner than he is a monster. Shriek takes it upon himself to patrol the skies, but he only protects the inhabitants of the Dark Lands, not its visitors, although once he did rescue a fae child who stumbled into the lands accidentally.

Soarex from The Lands of Rhul

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