Name: Shiko
Name Meaning: shortened form of hoshiko, "star child" in Japanese
ID#: ab32
Species: Abefae
Gender: Neutral
Age: Adult
Colony: none
Rank: Worker, first abefae in The Faewoods Greenhouse
Parents: Louhi X Boudica
Residence: The Faewoods, The Abefae Greenhouse

Shiko is hard working and goal oriented. It is eager to form a colony and has already begun work on a dive in preparation for the arrival of a queen. Shiko also seems a bit curious and annoyed when it comes to Miekio, the recently-arrived aruspex. As an aruspex, it is not Miekio's job to do work, and it knows it, but Shiko seems to think that Miekio should be just as interested in preparing for a queen as it is. lol, poor confused Shiko...

Abefae from Abefae Gardens

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