Name: Shiallia
ID#: rd10f
Species: Ryuzoku Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: Youngling
Parents: Wild X Wild
Alignment: Dual (Fire-Earth)
Residence: The Desert Kai

Shiallia used to live at the other end of the desert, but she found that it was getting too crowded; therefore, she packed up her ferret, Loki, and her treasure, and moved to the Desert Kai. Here, she is afforded courtesy by the Guardian, Havilah, and is allowed a large piece of the desert for her own territory.

Shiallia has matured much in her time at the Refuge. When she was younger, she was volatile, much like a wildfire. Now, however, she has grown a bit more controlled, and she has been surprisingly respectful of requests not to chase down travelers.

Shiallia still has yet to learn to harness her magical energy (Ki). She hopes to obtain enlightenment from an elder dragon at her Homeland.

Ryuzoku Dragon from Lands of Fate

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