Green Emerald Shaper

Name: Green Emerald Shaper
ID#: none
Species: Jewel-winged Swallowtailed Fairy Dragonfly
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Green
Mutations: none
Mate: none
Residence: The Southern Forest

Green Emerald Shaper is a green male dragonfly. His name comes from the fact that he is actually quite the artist, despite what first impressions may tell. His main skills include sculpturing resin and clay, but he is also very adept at keeping trees and bushes in good shape. His demeanor towards strangers is quite cold and brusque, but he is very kind towards his glittering (another name for a group of fairy dragonflies).

Grub Stage

Chrysalis Stage

Fairy Dragonfly from Skyhaven Adoptions

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