Name: Ramona
ID#: none
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Parents: unknown
Description: Lithe but strong young woman, brilliant red hair, greenish eyes
Abilities: Varied, but centering around telepathy and fire magic
Residence: The Creature Refuge

Ramona came to the Creature Refuge with Indyana, accompanying her home from one of her journeys. She has grown into a fine young woman, and she is given many responsibilities at the Refuge. She has the appearance of a woman in her late teens, but at times she seems much older. She is an accomplished fire sorceress, and she often can be seen practicing. As she has grown older, however, she has also taken a great interest in reading. She will often sneak into Indyana's study and read the books held within, which speak of history and magic. There are many rumors that surround Ramona. She is commonly called Indyana's niece, although Indyana's only sister has no children. Because of their similar appearances, the idea that Ramona is actually Indyana's daughter is the residents' favorite story.

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