Name: Ptraal
ID#: pi20
Species: Pinilya
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Rank: Beta
Parents: unknown
Color: Black Dappled Rainbow
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Preferred Climate: Mountains
Notes: Draft type. Silver neckband, legband. Horseshoes.
Residence: The Shrivik Mountains

Ptraal was the second pinilya to come to the Shrivik Mountains. At first glance, he may appear to be the ideal mate for the rainbow-colored Priismaj, but look more carefully. Ptraal is a Beta-ranked Stallion, and thus, he must mate with a Beta mare. (Ha, had you fooled! ;)

As the Beta stallion, Ptraal is second-in-command for the forming herd. Since he is more sturdy than Priismaj, he currently also acts as a defender. Eventually, as the herd forms, this job will be taken on by the Deltas. Altogether, Ptraal makes a fine addition to the mountain herd.

Pinilya from Kurrama Valley

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