Name: Priismaj
Name Meaning: "many colored mage"
ID#: pi06
Species: Pinilya
Gender: Mare
Age: Adult
Rank: Alpha
Parents: unknown
Color: Rainbow Leopard Appaloosa
Eye Color: Black
Preferred Climate: Mountains
Notes: Leopard tail
Residence: The Shrivik Mountains

Priismaj is our first pinilya. She is a gorgeous mare with very interesting markings and a neat leopard tail. Her name was made from the word "prism" because of her many colors. The "maj" part is supposed to resemble "mage", or someone of power, since she is an alpha. The double "i" is because all mares' names much contain either "ii" or "ee".

The Refuge hopes to start a mountainous herd of pinilya. We figure it's the best place for them, as Kirochka can watch over them here. Also, the mountains are unexplored territory, and thus, they are in need of population. Hopefully Priismaj will soon have a mate and be leading an entire herd.

Pinilya from Kurrama Valley

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