Name: Pierre
ID#: mc02m
Species: Bishel Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: Bishen
Clan: Machesri
Parents: Wild X Wild
Clutch: none
Color: Red
Type: Terran
Magical Object: Water Globe
Abilities: Can shoot water and mist at enemies, and can create water anywhere
Bondmate: Indyana
Mate: Clarinet
Residence: The Desert Kai

Pierre works as a mascot over at Bishen Realm. Underground on the Refuge, Pierre has an intricate system of tunnels, which he guards with great pride. Pierre also has a mate. Her name is Clarinet, and she is a beautiful Moonstone Marine Bishen. She gave Pierre a necklace as a token of her affection for him.

Egg Stage

Wyrm Stage

This is Pierre's magical object, a Water Globe.

This is a gift from Pierre's mate, Clarinet.

A Christmas present from Quis: "To Pierre, who's Terran inclination towards plants probably conflicts with his desert home, a hardy cactus that should grow strong and tall."

This nice blanket was a Christmas gift from Bishen Realm.

A Christmas gift from Jules: "Xmas Fuziduk (Indy: "Christmas! Don't be lazy..." ;) - Fuziduks are recently discovered creatures with an affinity for wide open spaces, especially deserts or ice plains. This fuziduk is of the Sunstone variety and has the power to heal parched throats and dry eyes."

Bishel Dragon from Bishen Realm

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