Phoenix Syama

Name: Phoenix Syama
Name Meaning: "black phoenix" in a mixture of English and Sanskrit
ID#: m17s
Species: Myopy
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Type: Dore'
Element: Souless
Mutations: Short unusually cut mane, short tail, Long black wings, Symbol meaning Lack and Soul, Spikes from the legs. Odd solid coloring.
Extras: Black Armor, tail-band and mask, Blood Amulet.
Notes: A rare elemental, none other exist like it yet. He is Souless and generally violent. Evil.
Residence: The Lands of Osseth

Phoenix Syama is a Soulless Elemental myopy. He is cold and calculating, violent with any creature he meets. He rules any creatures lower than he, and even frightens some of the dragons with his power. His heart is as a stone, and his mind like a rattlesnake. No one has ever spoken to the stallion, including Indyana. His name is a reference to the mythical phoenix and syama, the Sanskit word for "black" or "dark".

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