Miki Aj'Patrona

Name: Miki Aj'Patrona
Name Meaning: "flower stalk in rock", a mixture of Japanese, Faidian, and Greek
Call Name: Patrona
ID#: p702f
Species: Melcey
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Litter: #78, Halloween Litter 2001
Theme: Graphite
Pack: Pack of True Believers
Residence: The Faidian Grove

Miki Aj'Patrona is an unusual graphite-themed melcey. She has a very pale coat, strong senses of duty, honor, and discipline, and an odd set of eyes. Patrona chose her name when Indy mentioned the name "Petrona", a derivative of the Greek word for rock. Cu had told her about the patronus in his Harry Potter books, a guardian form that protected young Harry from evil creatures of fear called the Dementors. The young graphite female liked the similarity, and so changed "Petrona" to "Patrona". Indy formed the rest of her name from other languages.

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