Name: Nyota
Name Meaning: Star
Title: The Shining
ID#: m03m
Species: Mozopi
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

Speed: 10
Stamina: 5
Hit Points: 16

Overall Health: 31

Beauty: 7

Speciality: Starlight

Power: Dazzle: Like the stun power, Nyota has the power to blind and confuse other Mozopi for short periods of time. It also pulls a hit point from the opponent and gives it to the user.

Personality: Rough and tumble, Nyota loves a good tussle, and a battle suits him even better. He is better suited to racing but he'd much rather be fighting.

Mozopi from Mozopi'Tir

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