Monocon Vito'hqle

Name: Monocon Vito'hqle
Name Meaning: "one with cloud ability", a mixture of Faidian and Spanish
Call Name: Noco
ID#: p759m
Species: Melcey
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: Faelan X Kemf'inlz
Litter: #81, Pack of Music's Harmony
Theme: Sky
Residence: The Faidian Grove

Monocon Vito'hqle is a male sky-themed melcey. Since most cannot figure out how to pronounce his name, he is simply called Noco. Noco is very light on his feet, friendly, and polite. He loves the trees and spends much of his time in the magical forests of this realm. His favorite activity is taking a run and trying never to touch the ground.

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