Coal Melii

Name: Coal Melii
ID#: none
Species: Featherdrake
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Rank: 1
Parents: Spring Soonsii X Sky Skye Winger
Clutch: #25
Type: Coal
Abilities: Can create heat and find dry wood or coal for fires
Bondmate: Pilani
Mate: none
Residence: The Southern Forest

Melii is the rambunctious daughter of Spring Soonsii. As a Coal Featherdrake, she can have a bit of a temper at times. Whenever she and Coal Christian get together, there is sure to be trouble. She tends to chase around the more passive Bark Edge, which vexes him to no end.

Egg Stage

Hatchling Stage

Featherdrake from Featherdrake Aeyries

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