Name: Lisen'cresla
Name Meaning: "Moonlight Snow"
ID#: 122 (7:122f)
Species: Painted Unicorn
Gender: Mare
Age: Adult
Birth Charity: Turrandoti
Charity: Charity li Cheillina'vet, Twilight's Breath
Parents: Wysa X Korunda're'hasha (I x C)
Glory: Unlasta se Cassta
Class: Theli
Residence: The Grasslands

Lisen'cresla is a beautiful Painted Unicorn mare. Though strong and able, Lisen'cresla tends to keep to herself and avoid most other inhabitants of the Creature Refuge. However, it's hard being the first of your kind somewhere, so that's understandable. Her Glory, Unlasta se Cassta, marks her as a Paint skilled with Times and Seasons, which includes doorways. This might explain how she came to be at the Creature Refuge, so far from her native lands.

Foal Stage

Painted Unicorn from The Silver Unicorn

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