Name: Lian'shel
Name Meaning: "protected unwavering protector"
ID#: gobnia09
Species: Myopy
Gender: Stalllion
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Type: Ni'a Warrior
Element: Metal
Residence: The Grasslands

Liam'Shel is a Ni'a Warrior Myopy. As a warrior, it is his job to protect the band from any dangers they may face. Liam'Shel also carries some very rare colorations. He has a quad-colored tail, with is extremely uncommon, and a short mane covered by armor. His quad-colored coat is a mix of rarer colors, and he also has one mis-colored hoof. Liam'Shel is also a metal elemental, making him quite powerful. His name comes from a combination of names that mean "unwavering protector" and "protected".

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