Lavender Brown

Name: Meoi's Lavender Brown
ID#: none
Species: Meoi
Breed: Turkish Van
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Color: Blue-Cream, Dilute Tortie
aa -- non-Agouti (non-tabby)
BB -- Black
dd -- diluted
didi -- normal dilution
ll -- long hair
MM -- one tail
SS -- reverse bicolor (white markings)
tt -- non-tabby
Wiwi -- miniature wings
xxo -- female, Tortie
Residence: The Creature Refuge

Lavender Brown is the first Meoi to come to the Refuge. She is a very special Meoi, with a rare coloration and a set of small feathered wings. She is very shy and tends to melt into the background rather than make herself known.

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