Name: Kyouchou
Name Meaning: "Evil Omen"
Title: Master of the Lands of Osseth
ID#: unknown
Species: Kyuuketsuki Neko
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Bloodline: Dark Night
Element: Death Shadow
Power: Death Cloud - If any living thing touches the dark cloud that surrounds him it will instantly die
Notes: Kyouchou is the only one of his kind and is the rarest Kyuuketsuki Neko you can find. He is a loner and hates any kind of company. Beware of his temper.
Residence: The Lands of Osseth

Kyouchou is an insanely powerful creature of the night. His dark powers rule over the Dark Lands of Osseth, and it is by his will that the evil here is brought upon the world. He only brings death and terror to everything and everyone he meets.

Kyuuketsuki Neko from The Den

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