Name: Kulkee
ID#: pi19
Species: Pinilya
Gender: Mare
Age: Adult
Rank: Gamma
Parents: unknown
Color: Sumarin Desert
Eye Color: Jade
Preferred Climate: Desert
Notes: Three silver legbands, leopard tail
Residence: The Desert Kai

Kulkee is the Refuge's first desert pinilya. She is a very unique mare, with several cat-like mutations. Her paws are a particular source of interest, as our other pinilya before her had hooves. Her unique striping pattern is also very beautiful.

Kulkee is a Gamma mare. In a full herd, her job would be as peacemaker and mediator. Now, she simply is trying to stay alive in the desert. Luckily, there aren't many predators about. She was an unexpected addition, but we are now trying to bring more desert pinilya to the Refuge.

Pinilya from Kurrama Valley

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