Name: Kaara'to
ID#: pi24
Species: Pinilya
Gender: Stallion
Age: Adult
Rank: Advisor
Parents: unknown
Color: Dappled Sand
Eye Color: Brown
Preferred Climate: Desert
Notes: Gold hoop earring with feather, gold tailband, wind gust tattoo
Residence: The Desert Kai

Kaara'to is the first stallion in the desert. An interesting mutation that he has is a single white horn, much like a unicorn. He is an Advisor, which means that he relays information to the leaders of the herd. Currently, he and Kulkee travel the desert together, looking for more pinilya to start a herd. Kaara'to is a fully desert pinilya. He loves to run across the flat sands and race the wind. The tattoo on his shoulder is, in fact, meant to represent the wind. He wears a single eagle feather in his mane for speed and freedom.

Pinilya from Kurrama Valley

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