Name: Jarod
ID#: mc00m
Species: Bishel Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: Bishen
Clan: Machesri
Parents: Wild X Wild
Clutch: none
Color: Green
Type: Terran-Arboreal
Magical Object: Sun Gem
Abilities: Breath weapon of extremely intense sunlight, create light with which to see and grow plants
Bondmate: none
Mate: Athena
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

Jarod works as a mascot and public relations dragon at Bishen Realm, and is constantly on the look out for future bonders. Jarod enjoys gardening, but he often doesn't get any done because he is very involved at Bishen Realm. He did, however, take time to make a gift for the beautiful dragon who is now his mate, Athena. In return, she gave him a rare shell she discovered in her sea.

Egg Stage

Wyrm Stage

This is Jarod's Sun Gem, his magical object.

This is a gift from his mate, Athena.

A Christmas present from Quis: "To Jarod, a great horn that we hope will help him with getting everyone's attention during Shantel ceremonies."

A Christmas present to Jarod from Bishen Realm, a Forest Staff.

A Christmas present from Jules: "Cape of Serenity - this cape will allow the owner to command respect and attention by use of peace and energy."

Bishel Dragon from Bishen Realm

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