Name: Jared
Name Meaning: "one who rules" in Hebrew
ID#: cab063
Species: Cabbile
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Type: Blue, Gray, and White Alley
Mutations: Fairy wings
Residence: The Southern Forest

Jared is a blue, gray and white alley cabbile.  He is a tom, or male cabbile, and a unique one at that.  He is usually very friendly.  However, since he came to the Refuge, he has remained a little wary of all the strange visitors that pass through the lands.  His companion is Jacinta.  She shares the rare trait of wings in common with Jared, making them an excellent breeding pair.  Jared wears a Star of David around his neck because he was raised Jewish.  As funny as this may sound, he enjoys the holidays greatly, especially receiving gifts.  His name is a Hebrew one that means "one who rules".  His ID# is cab063.

Cabbile from Mystic Moon Cabbilery

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