Name: Indyana
ID#: none
Species: Altered Human
Gender: Female
Age: 381
Mother: Sarla, Healer of Pilari
Father: unknown
Description: Stout woman, apparently human, long auburn hair, light blue eyes
Abilities: Varied, but generally involving telepathy, precognition, healing magic, and fire magic
Bondmates: Sunkist, Pierre
Mate: unknown
Residence: The Creature Refuge and Other Dimensions

Indyana's story is long and complex, as would be any story that lasted over 300 years. She set up the Creature Refuge after she and her band of companions discovered this protected place. She is bonded to Sunkist, a non-queen gold dragon who now acts as a teacher for younger dragons on the Refuge. Indyana's other bondmate is Pierre, a Red Terran Bishel Dragon, who works as one of the Kailan's assistants at Bishen Realm. Eventually, her complete story may be revealed to the world, but for now, all you need to know is that she runs the Creature Refuge, as well as several adoption agencies, she loves all creatures of the universe, and her life's purpose is to ensure the survival and happiness of living creatures everywhere (and maybe even some of the unliving as well).

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