Name: Havad'zel
ID#: ch002
Species: Che'tan
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Rank: Vorin
Parents: unknown
Color: White Vampire
Element: Dark
Notes: Halloween Special 2003
Residence: The Grasslands

Havad'zel was the first Che'tan to inhabit the Refuge, and the second Che'tan to be adopted out from Kurrama Valley. He is a very special Dark Elemental, with White Vampire coloration. Most beings of his Dark type choose to inhabit the Lands of Osseth, but Havad'zel originally tended to lurk in the Grasslands, on the boundaries of the Northern Forest. He always wears a dark cape to hide his brilliant white color, and he can be quite vicious if bothered. Most of the other creatures avoid him, which suits him just fine. He is a Vorin, or a hunter, a role he relishes. He has been appointed head Vorin of his tanzig (Che'tan group) by the Zur, Bei'liana.

Che'tan from Kurrama Valley

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