Name: G'rudizynik
Name Meaning: "bright-topped flower"
Title: Sentry of the Greenleaf Forest
ID#: indyleagus09
Species: Leagus
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: Wild X Wild
Traits: Dragon head, fur dragon ears, pink-purple coloration, dragon-equine tail, dragon-clawed feet, double horns
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

G'rudizynik is the only Leagus currently residing in the Refuge. He is quite large and causes quite a commotion wherever he is spotted (it isn't often you see a pink-haired draconic wandering about). By nature he is calm and generally good tempered. He spends most of his time lounging in the mist created by the Isier River's waterfalls. His name is one given to him by the faerie inhabitants at the Refuge, and it means "bright-topped flower".

Leagus from The EverRealm

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