Flamed Sprout

Name: Flamed Sprout
ID#: IndyWrisTalora01_004
Species: Wris'talora
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Bondmate: none
Residence: The Greenleaf Forest

Flamed Sprout is a Wris'talora, an interesting creature from the land of Lanse'shri in the EverRealm. Wris'talora can bond by biting a potential bondmate. This bite allows the bonds to understand each other and strengthens their relationship. Flamed Sprout came recently to the Refuge, alone. It is unknown whether she has ever had a bondmate, or if she will find one on the Refuge. It is believed that her name comes from her general appearance, and she may have named herself. Currently, she is making her home on the eastern side of the Greenleaf Forest, close to the mountain cliffs.

Wris'talora from The EverRealm

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