The Fire Elemental

Title: The Fire Elemental
ID#: unknown
Species: Critu
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Parents: unknown
Breed: Earth
Type: Special, the first ever Fire Elemental
Traits: First ever Dragonfly Wings, Fire Elemental Markings, Horns, Mane, Tail Tuft, and Belly Fur, Butterfly Wings
Residence: The Caves

This large and powerful Critu is one of the rare and powerful Elementals that have chosen to inhabit the Refuge. These Elementals cannot even be controlled by the magic of Indyana and the dragons. It is their choice to reside here, and therefore, all inhabitants must make an effort to honor and respect them. The Fire Elemental is very rarely seen, as he tends to hide deep in the caves, where the heat from the mantle of the planet is felt.

The Fire Elemental as he appears in his weakened state. Like many fiery creatures, he cycles through powerful and weak phases.

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