Moonstone Goshenite Elflux

Name: Moonstone Goshenite Elflux
ID#: none
Species: Jewel-winged Swallowtailed Fairy Dragonfly
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Color: White
Mutations: Rainbow wings and skin sheen, blue claws and horns, light blue eyes
Mate: none
Residence: The Southern Forest

Elflux is a quirky and odd individual. He is the master of practical jokes and trickery, a talent that often gets a bit out of hand. He was named by Indyana herself. Elflux is an combination of Old Norse and Latin meaning "elf light". Like his name, is is lively, brilliant, and elusive. He often drives visitors off with his tricks, which doesn't please his glittering very much. However, it's all in good fun...

Grub Stage

Chrysalis Stage

Fairy Dragonfly from Skyhaven Adoptions

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